Mariposa Monarca / Butterfly Monarch

30 Apr

Recibimos a la Mariposa Monarca en México de Noviembre a Marzo.  Esta gran migración es considerada como Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad.

"Actually seeing the butterflies is one of the most unique experiences in nature. What they do is when they arrive here in the pine woods, they cluster in the top of the trees and they only can survive as one single organism. They have to all cling together to warm each other up. At night, if one butterfly tries to stay on its own, he will be dead by the next day. He needs the colony to survive. When it’s cold, they’re all still in the tree branches. You can only see the outside of their wings; it’s a bit brownish. The magic begins when the first sun rays hit the branches and they open their wings and it’s very bright orange with black. It’s beautiful. They start moving their wings to warm up and if the sun really comes through, then they start flying. And if they’re flying a lot, you will hear them. A popping sound. The noise of their wings. We are talking about millions of butterflie".